Our Building

We plea for your support to upgrade our buildings; to plaster, insert doors and windows, and finish the floor, and the simplest way is to provide us technical support and financial donation. This will enable us either to use your technical skills, and purchase local materials, or with finances hire local workers.

Also, we want to complete our new building which is at the wall plate. It requires us to buy timbers and iron sheets. Each iron sheet is $30, and each timber at $8, we need 30 iron sheets and 50 timbers or so.

Also plans are under way to build a hostel for incarcerated children and orphans. Set up their separate classes and offices. Please we need your moral and material support towards these developments. Much blessings on you all!

Share your views with the Director, Mr James Kibowe at kiboweja@gmail.com.

One response to “Our Building

  1. Great thanks goes to Marion Drops for supporting this project for the funding of the construction of 7 stance pit- latrine, Land for the church and the school, projector, laptop, food for the orphans and support to the fishing project. Blessing to her.

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