Our Library

We’re thankful to  Mrs. Melanie Wilson, a former  PhD Candidate of Education at McGill University and volunteer with Education Volunteer Network  extended a personal call for action to her friends and family to help send some books to us. Along with the help of team of students at Summit School in Montreal, Canada, two boxes were packed and sent to Uganda.

However, even with this shipment, our library remains a dream… but one that is coming close to a reality. The donation drive equipped Melanie with hundreds more books, but with limited funds, only a portion was sent. A second shipment is needed to send heavier texts, such as a Science Encyclopedia set donated by McGill’s Book drive. Please contact Melanie (melanie.h.wilson@gmail.com) if you would like to help send these much needed books.

In addition to these books, RCS needs required academic texts by the Ministry of Education for their students. Below is a sample of some of the books that we need. Note: They are listed here with the title, author and price in Ugandan shillings. Click here for currency conversion.

Please send us a donation and be sure to indicate that you want to help us purchase books for our library.

Title of Book                                                               Author                           Price (UGX)

How leopard became a jungle animal Frank Anywar        4,100.0
The Fake Doctor Frank Anywar        4,100.0
How tortoise got its hard shell Frank Anywar        4,100.0
Tommy Odillo the Soccer Star Frank Anywar        4,100.0
Hellen the Milk Girl Frank Anywar        4,200.0
The Dairy Farm Visit Frank Anywar        4,200.0
How Owl Became a Night Bird Frank Anywar        4,200.0
 Jimmy The Naughty Boy  Kyambadde Daniel        3,400.0
 Sera & mwambu  Namazzi Sydha        3,100.0
 Adventure of Kanyangwa  Nsubuga Godfrey E. N        3,100.0
 Self Help  Masanga Twaha S.        3,100.0
 Mmivu And the Beast  Mutyaba Julius Ceaser        3,400.0
 Mr.Keba’s farm  Masanga Twaha S.        2,900.0
 Why the Cock Crows and other stories  Magoba Baruli M.        3,400.0
 My Pet  Oketcho Nicodemus        3,100.0
 Akuria the Fun Maker  Nsubuga Godfrey E. N        3,400.0
 Ttulu the Singer  Mutyaba Julius Ceaser        4,300.0
 The Talking Tree  Alisigala Moses        2,900.0
 Hare and Crockdile  Mutyaba Julius Ceaser        2,900.0
 A Tale of the first animal King  Kasirye Simon        4,300.0
 A Tale of Blackie, the Orchard Guard  Kasirye Simon        3,100.0
 A Tale of Two Kings  Kasirye Simon        4,500.0
 Drowned in the Pacific        4,300.0
 Be Careful Namusoke  Masanga Twaha S.        3,400.0
 Orphaned by AIDS  Appollo Baker        3,400.0
 Accusing Finge  Cornelius Gulere Wambi        3,400.0
 Sani Falls in Her Own Trap  Nalubega Florence        4,300.0
 Merinah says No to Sugaar Daddy !  Magoba Baruli M.        3,300.0
 Serazio’s Trial  Magoba Baruli M.        4,300.0
 Do Not die Young  Moses Aluonzi        4,300.0
 Aids the silent killer  Martin Okia        4,300.0
 Kente’s Bitter Lesson  Jemeo Nanyonjo        4,300.0
 Lina’s Sad Story  Paul Ssempijja        3,400.0
 Amooti’s Bad Idea  Susan Kajura        4,300.0
 Live with it  Mutyaba Julius Ceaser        3,400.0
 Ruth Exposes her Bad Friends  Jemeo Nanyonjo        3,400.0
 Joni’s Sad Life  Nalubega Florence        3,400.0
Caught in the web Kasirye Simon        4,800.0
 Kufulannenge the Fishmonger  Kyambadde Daniel        4,300.0
 Sarah in the Market  Masanga Twaha S.        3,000.0

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