Myriad thanks go to our first supporters in year 2011/12; Mr. Ryan of Educators Volunteer Network, Prof. Melanie, and Mr. Anslem from Versacor International!

The needs of RCS are many, and as such we have been seeking financial help from a diverse set of potential resources. We are open to receiving corporate donations, and in lieu we will provide visibility to you company in our community.

RCS has received a corporate donation from Versacor International to help assist students in need.  The funds provided to RCS helped build two new classrooms which are still at the wall plate, in addition to supporting students and teachers. Thank you all!

But we still sigh for you kind support towards RCS and its future developments. Please contact us!

One response to “Sponsorship

  1. Marian Drops

    I want to commend you for your fine website. It is professional and informative. It might be helpful to have a Vision statement and a Mission statement. These are commonly used in businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. as a succinct way of identifying your call and purpose.
    Also, do you have a Board of Directors to oversee the work of the school and to assist in decision-making and fund-raising? I highly recommend these steps.

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