How to Help!

There are two ways to help RCS!

1) Send a money order or certified cheque  directly to our PO Box 161, Lugazi, Uganda.

2) Wire funds through Western Union, Money gram or send a money order to Barclay’s Bank Uganda Limited made payable to Rock Community School upon your request for our Account No.

  • To find out more about the books we need for our students and recent book projects, please visit Our Library page.
  • To see a picture of our school building, please visit Our Building page.
  • To learn of our computer needs, please visit Our Computer Lab page.
  • To help us get curriculum resources and send our teachers to additional training, please write to us through our contacts.

If you’re interested in individual child or corporate sponsorship of the orphaned, war displaced, needy  and  incarcerated children, Please let us know!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Executive Director Pr. James Kibowe or the in charge of school activities, Mr. Patrick Mukisa

Thank you for your Support!

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