Our Computer Needs

Currently, we only have one computer which is in need of replacement, but we are pushing its limits to get the word out about our school and our students. We sincerely hope that we will be able to transfer this knowledge and skills to our upper students, with a computer lab of at least 10 computers. We are also in need of an administrative computer with a printer and an Internet modem.

Computers will help advance our teaching and learning process, as both our teachers and students will be able to learn and growing a globally connected way. Here are some of the ways we hope to advance in this area, once we are able to afford the hardware and software for our school.

Students: We plan to have computer studies as an additional subject starting with upper primary. We expect that one PC will be used by 4 pupils during computer lessons. We need to have our students exposed to new technologies, so they will be equipped to advance their studies, and be better equipped to meet the challenges in today’s society. We also expect this will be a great motivational tool in their learning.

Teachers: With Internet access, teachers will be able to get access to freely available lesson plans, learn about new pedagogical approaches and have the resources to apply them, and they will additionally be able to network with teachers around the world.

Administrators: Computers will also help school administrators and teachers in their data entry tasks. It is almost 20kms to reach the nearby town (Lugazi) where secretarial services are, but with an administrative computer available, they will be able to process the data in less time. The school report cards, tests, and examinations, need to be produced promptly, and so not having to travel 20kms will streamline their process immensely.

These computers will also help us in the storage of data such as school reports, financial records, teachers’ and pupils’ records, registration information, photos, etc.

Please help us reach this goal by donating today!

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